With the full of beauty care services and new colors for you to choose from, you are ensured to enjoy the best services in our effort of doing a great job. Let’s take a look at our price list below!! Our nail salon is always committed to bringing you a reasonable price!



Basic $20
Cut, shape, trim cuticles, light massage.
Spa Manicure $40
Exfoliation scrub, masque, hot towels, paraffin dip, massage.
Gel Manicure $35


*A glass of complimentary wine served with our spa pedicure.
*Gel Polish w/ Any Pedi (Extra) $20
1) Basic $28
Cut down, shape, trim cuticles, sugar scrub, pumice scrub, and hot towels.
2) Basic w/ Callus Treatment $35
Buffs away dead dry skin from heals, sugar scrub, and hot towels.
3) Milk & Honey Spa $45
Callus removal, honey scrub exfoliates, milk masque, hot towels, honey butter cream massage. The best hydrating pedi ever.
4) Organic Green Tea Spa $45
Bath your feet in green tea salt and exfoliated with green tea scrub. Callus removal, hot towels, green tea masque, and cream massage. The pedi treats your feet with all organic ingredients.
5) Lavender Spa $45
Bath your feet in lavender sea salt. Callus removal and exfoliating scrub with a mint masque, and hot towels. A massage with lavender cream. The pedi reduces anxiety and emotional stress with a fragrance you love.
6) Almond Oatmeal Spa $50
Enjoy this great natural treatment pedi that leaves your skin smooth and soft, bath bomb soak, callus removal, oatmeal exfoliate, hot towels, and almond oil massage.
7) Lemongrass Ginger Spa $50
Relax in a warm fragrant bath of bomb bath soak treatment. The lemongrass and ginger essential oils work to stimulate muscles and promote circulation, and pain relief.
8) Strawberry & Lemon Spa $60
Feet bath in lemon essential oil + fresh lemon slices. Strawberry scrub exfoliation, moisture masque, hot towels, paraffin dip. Your skin is left moisturized, and hydrated with the outstanding smell of strawberry body yogurt.
9) Bristish Rose Spa $60
Feet bath in rose essential oil + scented soap rose flower. Champagne scrub, masque, hot towels, paraffin dip, and massage with British Rose body butter. A delicious fragrant treatment for your feet.
10) Aroma Steaming and Hot Stone Spa $80
This luxurious pedi has your feet soaked in tea tree oil and fresh orange slices, paraffin dip. Enjoy the relaxation feelings of hot stone massage and aroma steaming treatment while getting your feet a glow up.


"Additional charges apply for Length and Shape"
Acrylics $40 | Fill In $30
Gel Polish $50 | Fill In $40
Ombre $65 | Fill In $45
Color Acrylics $60 | Fill In $45
Dipping $45 & Up


Toe Polish Change (Regular) $15
Nail Polish Change (Regular) $10
Gel Polish Change $25
Soak Off Nails $10
Cut Down/ Repair $5 & Up
French Polish/French Dipping $10


Eyebrows $10
Lip $7
Chin $10 & Up
Sideburns $15 & Up
Under Arm $20 & Up
Face $35 & Up
Half Leg $35 & Up
Full Leg $50 & Up
Brazilian Wax $50 & Up


Manicure $12 | Gel $25
Pedicure $20 | Gel $35
Hand Polish $10 | Gel $15
Toe Polish $10 | Gel $15